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Small batch potato chips from premium, locally sourced ingredients.

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Maine Potatoes

We source only the finest, freshest Maine grow spuds. We get our potatoes from Bell Farms in Auburn ME. 

All-natural sunflower oil

This is the finest of the vegetable oils.  This sunflower oil is naturally high in mono-unsaturated fats, but is stable and neutral tasting, as opposed to, say, peanut oil. As a bonus, sunflower oil is high in the antioxidant vitamin E, and is heart-healthy! ❤  We use the highest grade oil, to bring out the flavor of the potato without leaving a greasy mouth-feel.  

Maine Sea Salt

Solar evaporated and hand harvested, our hard working friends at Maine Sea Salt have mastered their small-batch process to produce a natural salt with trace minerals with a truly Maine taste!  This process takes more time and work than mechanically processed salt that burn fossil fuels in the process, but we think the extra cost is worth it. 

Locally sourced spices

We source all of our spices from Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchants in Dresden ME. Thankful and Cookout chips feature MOFGA certified organic spices that are custom blended and ground fresh just for us!

Maine Maple Sugar

We use Maine's best maple sugar from Kinney's sugarhouse in Knox ME. Our Maine Maple chip is dusted with a blend of Maine's best maple sugar and fine ground Maine Sea Salt to create a subtle but spectacular salty, sweet and crunchy snack.

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