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Cookout Flavor is currently out of stock and will be substituted by another flavor.


Contains 5 - 5oz bags


Maine Maple Chips: Our Maine Maple chips are tossed with a blend of real Maine maple sugar and fine ground Maine Sea Salt™ to create a subtle but spectacular salty, sweet and crunchy snack.


Ordinary chips: These chips are called Ordinary because they are the simplest chip that we make, but our customers rave that they are extraordinary! Fresh Maine potatoes, sliced thin and immediately fried golden in a premium high-oleic sunflower oil, then dusted with just the right amount of solar-evaporated, hand-harvested Maine Natural Sea Salt. Super fresh tasting and crispy with a satisfying crunch, these chips won't cut your mouth up like some of the thicker chips out there.


Thankful: Thankful is a New England Thanksgiving inspired chip. They're generously dusted with Maine Sea Salt and a spice blend that's reminiscent of Mom's stuffing to deliver a unique but familiar flavor.


Cookout: New Englanders know that all you need for a great Cookout is a good fire and a little salt and pepper. These chips are dusted with Maine Sea Salt that's been smoked over Maine sourced apple wood and a little cracked black pepper.


5 pack- 5 oz. SHARE BAGS - Mix & Match

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